MH-026 Mist Evaporative Humidifier(3.0L), Maxcan Quiet Cool Air Humidifiers for Home

• Model:MH-026
• Capacity:3.0 L
• Voltage & Power:100-240V~50/60Hz 10W
• Switch off when lack of water
• 3 levels for mist adjustment (Automatic-M-H)
• Sleep mode
• Anion sterilization
• With evaporation filter
• Max.Evaporation: 400ml/h; Room size:30㎡
• Humidistat: RH<30%(Red light) 30%≤RH≤60%(Blue light)
RH>60%(Green light)
•Dimension of Product:23*23*32cm
•Dimension of GB:30*26*36cm
•Dimension of CTN:56.5*28.5*41.5cm(2/CTN)

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Eliminate Dry Air

Balances the room’s humidity level to help fight dry skin and pumps moisture into the air to combat the dryness that often causes congestion, cough, and dry throat, keeping you feeling great during winter.

Easy to clean

Most humidifiers are difficult to clean, but our Evaporative humidifier can be clean very easily. You can separate the whole water tank to clean the inner units quickly.

Dual Protection System

After the water tank is lifted or the water is exhausted, the machine stops automatically.  The red light reminds you to add water, making it more secure to humidify.

Choice of Baby Bedroom

The baby humidifier for the bedroom has no humming or dripping, the noise level is lower than 28dB, quiet like the sound of a clock turning. Compared to traditional humidifiers, our evaporative humidifier technology ensures a natural and pure evaporative water mist through replaceable Filter ensure for you kids to sleep better, breathe better, and live better!


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